5: sigh

 |  May 2, 2006

Panel for today. Looks so simple…but it went through many versions. Even burned my finger on an earlier version. Not what I had first envisioned, but that happens. Actually, it happens often.

sigh mixed media, 5×7 inches

Journal is available at amanobooks

This art a day is a particular struggle for me this time around. Don’t know why. But it needs to be done. Have got to replenish my offerings. Falling behind though on other amanobooks things that also need to get done. hmmm.

I originally wanted to do 20 aaad panels…but I think I need to pause right now. Sometimes I wish I had help with all the other business stuff, so I could concentrate on the creative aspects, like these panels. But feeling the pressure of my long to-do list, plus also painting oils continuously. I probably should not have spent all of Sunday on those encaustic pieces. I really need to give myself breaks. But I couldn’t help it! I really wanted to work on them. But too much creative pressure on a daily basis may make me break! And I don’t want that to happen…But I always grow a lot when I do these aaad stretches. hmmm.

hmmmm. hmmmmmmm. Don’t know why I’m thinking about this so much. I think it gets decided for me. As in, if I’m struggling so much, I probably should take a break.

But isn’t struggle essential to growth? What is my problem? Maybe it’s just due to being in a weird mental space this past week. Maybe I’m just dried up. Maybe…


  1. by Evoke-Designs by Lorraine on May 3, 2006  11:36 am Reply

    I love this piece. So simple, yet so meaningful. Your work is so inspirational to look at and very calming to me. I love all the nature that you incorporate in your work. Very serene.

  2. by kathy welsh on May 3, 2006  7:58 pm Reply

    Oh Bridgette, I can so relate to the feelings of being dried up, the ebb and flow of creativity. But good for you to keep plugging away at it even when it's hard. And for what it's worth, your recent work you've posted is beautiful. Infused with spirit. I love it!

    And, yes, we do have IKEA here, so I will be checking them out soon. Great idea!

  3. by donab on May 7, 2006  10:39 pm Reply

    I've been thinking about this struggle question this weekend, myself. Is the sense of struggle something I need to work through to get past, to something freer? Or is it I sign of needing rest or rejuvenation? I wish I knew the answers.

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