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 |  February 4, 2008

After waiting for days with held breath to see if my copy of Artful Blogging Magazine would appear on my doorstep, I couldn’t take the anticipation anymore and headed over to Barnes and Noble this past Saturday. Not sure why my contributer copy didn’t get to my house, but at least now I have seen it with my very own eyes!

I never thought when I started my blog that I would end up in a magazine for it. It’s a treat too to be in the same issue with other art blogs I read regularly like roben marie smith and mary ann moss and to have discovered new blogs that I haven’t stumbled upon sooner. Blogging- what an interesting phenomenon.


  1. by thealteredpage on February 4, 2008  11:43 pm Reply

    Congratulations Bridgette!! I cannot wait to get a copy and see you in print.

  2. by Meg Fowler on February 5, 2008  11:25 am Reply

    I was excited to see your article in the magazine. You certainly deserve the recognition!!! I had just recently seen your work through a link from another blogger and fell in LOVE with it! Congratulations!

  3. by bridgette on February 5, 2008  11:43 am Reply

    thank you so much meg for visiting me here and for your kind words! I really appreciate it.

  4. by Sharon on February 5, 2008  12:10 pm Reply

    Hi Bridgette, I think I can solve the mystery. I waited and waited too for the complimentary copy. The wrapper arrived without the magazine in it. (I posted about it last Friday) I have been reading your blog and wondered if that is what may have happened to you to because you hadn't blogged about it. Another blogger said hers arrived with the top open but the mag was still there. I'm still waiting for a copy that is on the way and anxious to see your article.

  5. by Angela Rockett on February 5, 2008  1:35 pm Reply

    Congrats, Bridgette! I'll have to try and hunt down a copy for myself.

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