be still

 |  July 21, 2007

be still
Be Still, oil and mixed media, 5×5 inches

Friday afternoon I was able to get a block of hours in my studio and was actually able to get things well on their way to being finished. The morning hours were spent on the computer doing correspondance, packaging up some journals, shipping, etc., etc. But the afternoon I got to paint.

Right now I have about 10 oil paintings in various sizes in progress, 1 encaustic in progress, and 1 acrylic. Sometimes I think I should just stick to one…but I love each medium for their own qualities. Maybe one day. But for now I like them all. It depends on my mood or what I envision for a particular painting.

I finished the painting above yesterday. I’ve painted that tree several times now. I can’t seem to get away from it. I feel like it has become my own personal symbol in a way now since I’ve painted it so much. One day I would like to do a really big one of it.

“one day” seems to be a theme for this entry.


  1. by katie on July 22, 2007  9:18 pm Reply

    beautiful bri...i would recognize your art anywhere, and yes trees remind me of you :-) how amazing you get all this time for your art with the little one - wonderful!!!

  2. by Manastash on July 23, 2007  12:20 am Reply

    God, that's beautiful.

    I just want to keep staring at it.

    I love your surface, too.

  3. by Into the Blystic on July 23, 2007  11:52 pm Reply

    Hi Bridgette So glad to find another who is in love with different mediums and has to mix them up lol! Your blog is one of my favs! and I am pleased you are managing to find time to produce work with your wee one! namaste Elis.

  4. by Tricia Scott on July 24, 2007  7:10 am Reply

    i love this tree image. i love how tall and strong it stands.
    this piece is beautiful, bridgette. your heart shows in your work!

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