|  January 9, 2008


My friend, the talented Jen Worden, issued out a creative challenge for this week and above is my response. I made it in my journal this afternoon while Noah napped and my Mom worked on an embroidery. It was raining and cold outside. A gray January afternoon in the Pacific Northwest.

I was attempting to make a packing tape transfer with a printout of one of my photos, but I ran into some difficulties with it. I was pressed for time, so I didn’t have chance to really figure out what I did wrong as I’ve done plenty of packing tape transfers without the disaster that I ended with. However, I did like how the water created an interesting pattern on parts of the paper. So I did it again, without tearing the paper off and then glued it down. Some of the water got on my face inadvertantly though and so I have a blob on my eyebrow. Oh well! The point was to have fun with this exercise.


  1. by jenw on January 9, 2008  9:30 am Reply

    Bri, thanks for taking the challenge. I love what you did with it. Tape transfers can act weird and one of the reasons I love them so. Ya never know what you'll get. FYI - I linked to this post on my site. xoxo

  2. by mary ann on January 13, 2008  2:16 am Reply

    dear beautiful bridget your journal is becoming such a FEAST. your waxing about place in your latest post reminds me of driving to LA nearly 20 years ago and feeling like i belonged. peace. sometimes home and place are made new in the heart. that's how it happened for me.

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