|  May 26, 2011



mixed media encaustic

8×10 inches


This weekend in Evanston went well, talked to a lot of people about my work and the workshops that I have been teaching out of Perfical Sense Studio. It was really fun to see the curious looks on people’s faces as they read the word “Encaustic” that I had on a sign by my work. What was really exciting though was talking to people who were not familiar with encaustic, but were artists in some shape or form, and seeing that spark in their eyes….that same light that I am sure lit up my eyes the first time I laid my sight on an encaustic painting. I could see the wheels turning, the question of “…oooh, how do I bring this medium into my creative practice…” Now, THAT was exciting for me.

The other thing that was really rewarding was when people would look at my work and say, “These remind me of quilts” and that would just make my day because that is part of what I am going for, the piecing together, the blocks, the patterns, the stitches. So, it’s gratifying to get confirmation of what is unspoken, but that is getting through visually to the observer. Speaking of quilts, I scored a wonderful find at Powell’s in Lakeview the other day- Quilted Planet: A Sourcebook of Quilts from Around the World . I can’t wait to delve into it.

I can’t believe that EncaustiCamp is coming up! There is still time to register as it takes place July 13-17 in Salem, Oregon. And even though it really doesn’t even feel like spring here in the midwest, I hear that summer is supposed to coming. Anyway, go check it out….


This painting is based on the encaustic painting that I created for Carmen Torbus’ book that was recently published. This painting is about my family and my role as a mother to my two children. Each symbol at the bottom carries meaning to it, encompassing what I hope to lay down for them. A foundation for self, compassion, esteem, and security.

I often make a painting, then come back to it again, either repainting it, or just revisiting that composition in another painting. I recently made a visual journal entry that will become a larget painting. Everything leads into another…

Art teaches nothing, except the significance of life.” ~Henry Miller


  1. by laruelapalooza on May 26, 2011  6:02 pm Reply

    I love this piece! And I am gearing up for serious studio time. The last day of school is tomorrow so I hope to have my studio ready to go soon. I even prepped some canvas boards with plaster gauze (I don't have any regular plaster) so I hope it works!

  2. by laruelapalooza on May 26, 2011  6:05 pm Reply

    Oh and I absolutely love that Henry Miller quote!

  3. by Gina Marie Dunn on May 27, 2011  6:35 am Reply

    Hi, I just wanted to say that even before I read your post, I saw your new piece and something maternal in me immediately identified with it. I completely recognize and can identify with your message here, and I just wanted to share how much this one spoke to me.

  4. by Bev on May 27, 2011  12:59 pm Reply

    such a lovely piece...representing a sacred part of you and your role as a mom...very nice.

  5. by merci33 on May 27, 2011  9:38 pm Reply

    Such a hug of a piece...and it's so exciting to hear about all of the wondeful ways that you're sharing your beautiful work in the world.

  6. by Julie Shackson on May 28, 2011  1:31 pm Reply

    Beautiful work and words.......confirming again my regret that I don't live closer to Oregon so I could learn about encaustic art from the best!

  7. by Seth on May 28, 2011  5:28 pm Reply

    Such a beautiful piece Bridgette. And EncaustiCamp will be here before you know it!

  8. by Jemima on May 29, 2011  11:56 pm Reply

    Ooh aaah...Beautiful..

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