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 |  June 13, 2014

Moving forward with more paintings this week. Painting larger paintings as well. Such a different way to work. Takes me much longer.

Detail of a #workinprogress #art #painting #studiotable
detail from a work in progress

I really enjoy making marks, exploring the surface.

Detail from another #workinprogress #studiotable #art #creativeprocess #mixedmedia>
detail from a work in progress

Not really focusing on the final end result. Just enjoying the process, finding my way.

Switched over to another piece after my coffee break. I love stitching and cloth. #studiotable #workinprogress #art #fiberart #stitches #creativeprocess #mixedmedia
And I love stitching. I really do. Making marks with thread.


  1. by Lisa Graham Art on June 13, 2014  9:48 am Reply

    Oh my gracious girl, you are on such a good roll. Fantastic!

  2. by Judy Shreve on June 13, 2014  10:16 am Reply

    I love these peeks into your new work -- each one so fascinating and full of depth. I've always liked the way you combine stitching with your work. Looking forward to seeing them finished!

  3. by Rosemoo on June 13, 2014  12:53 pm Reply

    Oh so lovely! I really am enjoying those stitched details!


  4. by Seth on June 14, 2014  2:48 pm Reply

    Love everything about these details. And the stitching & fabric -- sensationally amazing!

  5. by Shelley Whiting on June 30, 2014  8:25 pm Reply

    I love the variety of textures you make and the line markings. It's cool to see the different results of encaustic and stitching. You are very creative.

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