texture of life

 |  August 10, 2006

This morning as I set myself up to work on some more panels I had to clean up my work space a bit. I lined up the most recent panels that I’ve made this past week just to get them in order and figure out which ones I still need to paint back panels for when I noticed a common thread. They are all so dark and moody! Which is interesting considering that I’ve actually been in a really light and happy mood this past week.

I like dark and moody, of course, but today I decided to go against my grain and do something lighter.

I found this overexposed photo of a flower in my stash and decided to use it somehow. And I remembered that I had a stack of upholstery fabric samples that my sister had sent me when she was redecorating her living room. She was just going to throw them out and for some reason thought that maybe I would find a use for them. This is the first time that I dug up that pile after holding onto it for probably 2 years now! I would like to use fabric more in my work, so this is just a beginning.

texture of life, mixed media, 5×7 inches

Bound journal is now available at amanobooks.com


Okay back to my Paynes Gray…


  1. by Jess on August 10, 2006  6:16 pm Reply

    I have enjoyed all of the work you have done recently.
    This "light and Joy" piece as well. Every time I look at your work I feel even more inspired and makes me want to work even harder.

    My heart is in graditude.

  2. by bridgette on August 11, 2006  1:14 pm Reply

    Thanks so much Jess. That really means so much to hear. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just writing into a vacuum but I keep on because it's good for me to write about my process. But that feeling still sneaks in at times. So thank you for giving me this gift of knowing that somehow I bring some inpiration into your work.

    It's my heart that is in graditude.

  3. by Pilan on August 12, 2006  12:13 pm Reply

    I came across your blog on Amber's. I like this latest work and especially the texture look.

    I think your work is wonderful and I also like very much the drama in your dark paintings.

    so glad I came across your blog.

    btw how did the show go you put the crow with the feather in his mouth in to??


  4. by bridgette on August 12, 2006  1:43 pm Reply

    Hi Pilan, thanks so much for your kind words! The show went really well and I won first place in the 2D category! It was really unexpected and I was so excited. :)

  5. by Tracy on August 16, 2006  9:39 am Reply

    Bridgette, I love this piece and the texture and look of the fabric.

    I hang on to things for a long time too, because I am always sure that I will find a use for those little plastic doll heads, someday. Which is really a stretch for me since I don't even do assemblage work:-)

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