to the light

I finished this encaustic painting a little bit ago but haven’t had time to photograph it until today. Life has been busy and at times I am just stretched so thin and need to remind myself that everything has its place and time and things will get done…even if it isn’t today. Or tomorrow, even.

to the light
To the light, encaustic mixed media, 14×14 inches

The title for this painting comes from a phrase that I copied down from somewhere years ago. It goes something like this: Hold your head up to the light, even if for the moment you cannot see.

That phrase has gotten me through some rough times. There was just something about the way this sunflower was tilting its head…a yearning.

My mom was just in town visiting for a few days. Too short of a time! We spent a lot of time in the garden, walking, talking, playing with Noah. I was so sad when she left. But I did take her to First Thursday down in Pioneer Square last week. We went to all the main galleries and I also managed to get us over to the TK building to visit different artist studios and see their latest work. She had never done an art walk before, so it was fun sharing a new experience with her.

I kind of go into art overload when I go to these art walks, even though I enjoy them immensely and often come away feeling inspired. There were only three artists though that struck a cord in me. And two of them did works in encaustics. Go figure! I wrote their names down, but I don’t know where that little note to myself is.

Speaking of encaustics-tomorrow I will be going to an encaustic painting get together at Patricia Seggebruch’s studio tomorrow. I am looking forward to it. Plus I made a chocolate earl grey cake for our potluck and I can’t wait to eat it.

ps: I’ve been wanting to comment on so many people’s blogs but my blogger won’t let me comment. Hopefully I can figure out what the deal is.

Also thank you for all the lovely comments left on my blog. I really appreciate them. Thank you also to Tina for stopping by and to see my encaustics hanging at the Starbucks!


  1. hi Bridgette! this is beautiful. i like it that the sunflower is red, and not the expected yellow. it’s like it got soaked by the light and thriving on that life energy.

    can i have some chocolate earl grey cake too? never had it but sounds goooood…:].

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