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 |  March 30, 2008

journal entry from today

Today “I spied with my little eye…something sweet”. I used to love that game when I was little. I went to my studio today and for lunch I decided to get a table at a Teahouse on Ballard Ave. It was too cold to sit on the sidewalk and eat something from the farmer’s market. I brought my journal with to write while I drank my delicious chai and nibbled on my lunch. But I basically sat and observed my surroundings. And with my little eye I spied a stolen moment of tenderness. The owners of the teahouse were working behind the counter and the woman owner looked a little pregnant and a lot tired. Her husband checked to see if there were any people waiting at the counter and then quickly drew her into his arms for an embrace. It was so sweet.

Not really sure why I wrote all that out…but it seems to me that it’s little moments like that, gestures that may seem insignificant, that just have so much power.

Speaking of sweet, I received in the mail a beautiful textile ATC from Jean in England. Thank you Jean, I love it! I searched my email box to write you and let you know that I received it, but I can’t locate the email anywhere. So, I hope you read this. Expect something in your mailbox from me soon! Thank you again.


  1. by Genie on March 31, 2008  2:07 am Reply

    Hi , Glad it arrived safely. i was just about to email you to check if it had arrived, Glad you like it. Jean

  2. by Mary Buek on March 31, 2008  9:42 am Reply

    Those moments of tenderness always get to me, too -- especially when I see older folks in love. (By older, I mean older than I am.) In our more cynical moments, my friends and I always say, "must be their second marriage."

  3. by Erin on March 31, 2008  11:36 am Reply

    When I went to Costa Rica, these were the moments that made me feel the most connected to them. Driving down a hilly holey dirt road I peeked off the edge of a drop and saw a woman cutting a man's hair just outside the back door of their sagging house, he was holding a plastic mirror up to look. It was such a beautiful little moment. Everyone wants to live in grace no matter where they live or who they are.

  4. by bridgette on March 31, 2008  1:57 pm Reply

    Thanks again Jean! It was so nice of you to send me an ATC. It's just perfect.

    I know what you mean, Mary. It is sweet when I see older couples together as well. I hadn't had that cynical thought though! That's funny. Now that I think about it...it's probably true!

    What a great description, Erin, I can picture it just as you describe it. So true, as you say. Thanks for sharing.

  5. by Tina on March 31, 2008  10:00 pm Reply

    Thanks for sharing this tender moment! I could picture it so clearly.

  6. by wendy lee lynds on March 31, 2008  10:58 pm Reply

    wonderful picturegal, wonderful. funny, i was thinking the same thing driving slowly down a residential lane yesterday. man in his mid-twenties, with a little smudge of a girl, not two. he has her walking inbetween his big boots, all gruff, but looking at her with such love and adoration. heartbreaking sweet.

    oh, don't you LOVE those moments? thanks so much for sharing this one with us. it is what living is all about. i truly hope i touch people that way.

  7. by jiorji on March 31, 2008  10:59 pm Reply

    i love the piece above. THe tree adds....something...it's surreal. But maybe i'm biased. I love trees :)

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