2015: always a work in progress

Every year I used to write down my accomplishments for the year that passed and my intentions for the year ahead. I think that is a good practice to do as it’s always good for me to reflect and then make plans and give myself a direction. This year, well, as a result from the past two years of lots of change, I’ve let things go. For instance it’s the third day of January and I haven’t reflected on last year nor have I really thought about this year and in the past I would be stressing about it and think about how I am slacking already and the year is just beginning. Now, I shrug my shoulders and think- meh, whatever.

But what I have done is actually get myself in the studio for a bit of time each day of this year so far. That in and of itself is a big accomplishment these days. It may not be for a huge chunk of time, but I’m just happy and content to get some time in.

January 1st: First time in the studio in almost 3 weeks.

January1 wip

detail of a work in progress, oil on canvas

I love taking photos of of my paintings in progress. Capturing a moment in the midst of formation, where so many questions pop up followed by temporary answers, then again more questions. It’s a moment where the piece is not yet realized and could go in a number of directions. Possibilities.

January 2nd: Woke up around 5 am to get about 2 hours of painting in before the kids were up. It was dark out as I walked to my studio, even the birds were still asleep.

detail of a work in progress, oil on canvas

Sometimes I just am really liking what is going on in the painting and I want to hold that moment. I may like what is happening, but I know that for that particular painting, that the resolution has not yet been reached. To feel excitement at something developing is like being excited with imperfection, at something not yet realized. I think it’s good to be able to sit with the uncertainty. Sometimes though it takes a long time for an answer to be reached and that can be frustrating. But all things have its time, I am learning.

January 3rd: My studio has been a disaster zone for quite some time. So the afternoon was spent moving furniture, cleaning up, rethinking the energy flow of the whole space.


Still needs some work, but this is much better. Next up, I really need to tackle the closet. It’s kind of become a dumping ground of things that have nowhere else to go. I can’t wait until I can go back in.

I have decided that my intention for 2015 to always consider myself, my life as a work in progress and not get all worked up about the small stuff or the big stuff either. Life is fluid and always changing, so why am I always trying to get everything just so? It’s impossible. But maybe, just maybe in the letting go, everything becomes possible and the possibilities become endless. In the end, I want to mother my children, make and eat good food, experience full living with my loved ones, and make stuff and send it out into the world. All the rest- meh, whatever.


  1. So funny…I had just typed those very words “Work in progress” at the post right before yours! It was an article on effective habits of self-loving people. I know there’s no destination to finally arrive at, and am learning to be more satisfied with the moving forward of every day. Not to say there are never any roadblocks or potholes or detours. If I was in my car, I’d have to stop, or go around—I wouldn’t just sit there forever! i love seeing your place and work and tools. It’s ready for you,whenever you can steal the minutes! i find I’m so much happier at work if I can play a bit before I go! Keep up the good work! You are such an inspiration to me!
    And that red and yellow one–with white trees…is that work in progress? I really love it! I’m sorely tempted by it–let me know!
    Happy New Year! XX

    1. Thanks MaryJo. That is funny- we always seem to be on similar wavelengths. I just figured out what draws me so much to the creative process in my comment to Seth- the faith in possibility and the power to create what we put our hands and mind to. It is a work in progress. Almost done. I don’t know why I have been dragging my feet on the last thing I need to do. But now, I’ll put that on top of my to do list for the next time I paint. thank you!

  2. Welcome to a new year…and a new you. Great that you have had time in the studio already. Love the idea of being connected with the process and keeping the focus there. It is all about possibilities!

    1. Yes it is! How refreshing it is to think about everyday and every creation about possibility. It’s actually kind of empowering now that I think of it! Just something that I need to remind myself in day to day living. But I think that is what draws me so strongly to the creative process- an unrelenting “cheerful curiosity” and faith in possibility. Happy new year Seth

  3. Did you teach an encaustic class in Evanston a few years ago!?
    I took the class I need a refresher!!!

    Have you heard of monotype Encaustics with a hotbox?

    1. Hi Elena! I did teach a class there a few years ago. I’m in Maryland now. But you can take an encaustic class from my friend Jenny Learner at Lill Street Art Studio in Chicago.

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