30 in 30: Days 19 and 20

Day 19 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge


I’m so excited that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Now that I have more work time during the week, I do not spend any of the weekend in the studio. But I managed to sneak in a bit of time to create this piece above.

Day 20


Same thing today, Sunday. The funny thing about this abstract piece is that it started out as a tree. And then I did not like it at all and used India ink to blot it out. And kind of went with it and developed the composition from there. I like it much better now! I was in a bit of a mood today, so it definitely fits my mood. I need to retrain myself not to read or hear about the insanity that is our American politics and society these days first thing in the morning. Bleh.


As I complete each 4×4 inch panel each day, I add it to the grid. Here is a photo of the growing grid, some of these are not completed, just started. I showed this to one of my sisters this weekend and she suggested that I keep going, past the 30 days and create a huge grid or even give people an option to pick out their pieces for a final grid. I thought that was an interesting idea….minus the painting a day part.

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