4: together revisited

 |  May 2, 2006

I didn’t feel like yesterday’s panel was done, so I was just going to let it sit. Sometimes it’s necessary to do that. I wasn’t planning on working on yesterday’s piece today at all. But while I was putting the finishing touches on today’s panel, I just started applying my brush to Together. The most minor of changes, but it doesn’t matter. To me, it is finally done.

together, mixed media, 5×7 inches

I toned down the shiny blue from yesterday with some paynes gray (my most favorite color) and some titan buff and black. Then I added words from something that had been written to me eons ago:

…and together
we will study
the interwoven patterns
often overlooked…

Acylic, collage, polaroid transfer, ink, ribbon


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  1. by Corey Moortgat on May 5, 2006  10:48 am Reply

    This piece is beautiful! I like the changes!

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