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 |  March 16, 2011

Jen Osborn posted a fun idea of taking a picture of what you’re working on every Wednesday and post it. Not sure if I can participate all the time, but I thought it was a fun idea.


This photo is pretty much a snapshot of my life:

My work table, encaustic palette, a large encaustic painting in progress on the table, a mixed media panel that will be bound into a journal cover and an egg-crate caterpillar that my 4 year old son and I have been working on. He and I have been working on some fun projects together. He made his first journal this week, punching the holes with my Rubi-coil and then coiling it up. He’s going to use it as a sticker book and sketch book, he told me. We are also going to start birding together. I’ve never done it, but I’m looking forward to learning how to be a birder with him. We checked out some books from the library yesterday, I’m going to prep what we need to make our bird journals, and my little guy has his binoculars ready! And now that it seems that spring is on its way to Chicago, maybe we’ll be seeing some birds soon. Hopefully.


  1. by Alexi on March 16, 2011  6:15 pm Reply

    Hope you see some Spring birds together that will inspire some more lovely pictures and journals!

  2. by Meri on March 16, 2011  10:30 pm Reply

    That sounds like fun -- little people seem to have a knack for spotting birds.

  3. by my croft on March 16, 2011  10:58 pm Reply

    Before the trees leaf out -- go around the places with trees and look for nests. Many species come back to the same nests and it can be easier to track the birds if you know where they live. (That sounds more ominous than I intend ...)

  4. by ArtPropelled on March 17, 2011  4:27 am Reply

    Great ideas abound ..... Photos of your art progress, fun projects and birding with Noah. I'll enjoy checking up on your Wednesday posts.

  5. by laruelapalooza on March 17, 2011  10:18 pm Reply

    I can't believe how many unusual birds I've seen here since I put out a bird feeder. I have binoculars by the window in my kitchen!
    I've included you in the stylish blogger award too. I've posted about it on my blog if you're interested. Have a great Friday!

  6. by amygrennell on March 18, 2011  12:28 pm Reply

    I like that you are able to capture the kid-involved moments to remember for later. :) My two daughters and I love looking for birds and plants/flowers at the big park near us. And you can use any new birds you find in your art too. :)

  7. by Seth on March 19, 2011  6:04 pm Reply

    Great idea for a post and a great shot of those pots.

  8. by sarah playle on March 20, 2011  9:08 pm Reply

    Neat idea, the wensdays snapshot. I might try participating. And isn't great to have a younger creator in your midst? I have a little two year old niece but shes a little musician who loves Grandpa and all his musical 'toys', so I'm hoping the second (on the way now) will end up being a little artist.

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