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 |  March 9, 2010

Thank you all for your comments you left me and my family on my last post, wishing me luck and blessings as I awaited the arrival of my baby. Grace was born on February 23rd, a healthy and hungry baby girl. We are just thrilled with this little sweet pea.

My days and nights are spent in the moment, cuddling her, feeding her, smelling her sweet little head. Big brother is proud and such a good helper. I am tired, but happy and feeling blessed. Thank you again for all your warm thoughts.



  1. by Lynn on March 9, 2010  1:06 pm Reply

    I was sent here from another blogger and how sweet to see your new born babe this morning. Shush, I won't disturb, will just say:
    And get rest when you can. ;-)

  2. by merci33 on March 9, 2010  1:08 pm Reply

    This is a magnificent image...the picture of peace...Grace is beautiful. I wish you and the family all the very best.

  3. by tangled sky studio on March 9, 2010  1:36 pm Reply

    welcome to the world little one! what an amazing journey you have begun...


  4. by Mary on March 9, 2010  2:42 pm Reply

    Oh Bridgette, she is so beautiful. Look at all that lovely dark hair. It almost looks like she has had it cut in this cute hip style.

    Enjoy all those wonderful moments with her.

  5. by smith kaich jones on March 9, 2010  2:45 pm Reply

    Like Lynn, I feel I must whisper. :) She is beautiful.


  6. by Lost Aussie on March 9, 2010  2:46 pm Reply

    Congratulations to you and your family on the safe arrival of Grace! So precious!

  7. by Ghislaine BRUNO on March 9, 2010  3:13 pm Reply

    So happy to read everything is well. She very beautiful and this picture tells so much about this mother/baby relationship. Enjoy !

  8. by Wild Somerset Child on March 9, 2010  4:20 pm Reply

    Oh what joyous news; and such a lovely name for your dear little girl. You make me feel young again. I think the image of you and Grace tops all blog postings. I am glad all is well; take it gently and enjoy the coming days, for they are gone all too fast. Lots of love, Ann from the far UK.

  9. by Hazel Terry on March 9, 2010  4:39 pm Reply

    Wonderful, what a beautiful photo, best wishes

  10. by Sharon on March 9, 2010  5:04 pm Reply

    Thanks for sharing Grace.

  11. by Deborah Morbeto on March 9, 2010  5:07 pm Reply

    Congratulations....she is truly a work of art!

  12. by Leslie on March 9, 2010  5:14 pm Reply

    Awww, how sweet! Enjoy.

  13. by marionjoy on March 9, 2010  6:55 pm Reply

    a picture of grace ... ♥

  14. by Poetic Artist on March 9, 2010  10:15 pm Reply

    Oh she is beautiful..What a wonderful photo..Enjoy the time and I do hope you get some rest.

  15. by Paula Scott on March 9, 2010  11:39 pm Reply

    Isn't it wonderful that you now have a little girl and a boy (big brother)? Who'd a thought, huh?
    And, what a lovely photo of the two of you.
    Such happiness!

  16. by Teri on March 10, 2010  12:28 am Reply

    Bridgette--she is wonderful! I'm so glad that your delivery went well. And that she is hungry!! Save all your strength for that and for helping baby brother. You will need lots of rest.

  17. by femminismo on March 10, 2010  12:38 am Reply

    So sweet - and yes she does have a very "with it" hairstyle. Nap when she naps. She won't mind. Enjoy this time. You will remember it fondly.

  18. by Janette Kearns Wilson on March 10, 2010  2:51 am Reply

    How very wonderful, I am glad I have returned to posts so I could see yours

  19. by fheathermoore on March 10, 2010  9:55 am Reply

    Welcome to the world of blogging Grace. Your mum has started you young. You will be a dab hand in no time, and you'll love it here.

    Congratulations Bridgette. She is absolutely beautiful. She is the first baby that I've seen on the blogosphere from pregrancy to birth. Can't wait to see more of her and her very proud big brother.

  20. by Vicki Holdwick on March 10, 2010  11:02 am Reply

    She's beautiful! How lucky she is to have a big brother!

    Thanks for sharing the picture.

    Make every minute special as you know only too well how quickly they grow.


  21. by Katherine on March 10, 2010  11:52 am Reply

    Grace it is. Congratulations Bridgette.

  22. by Stephanie Lee on March 10, 2010  12:07 pm Reply

    BIG blessings to you and your little family. What a precious little head of hair that girl has! It would totally NOT cure my irresistible urge to kiss a baby's head. No siree!

    Blessings and hugs and warm fuzzies to all of you there....

  23. by Leslie Avon Miller on March 10, 2010  12:26 pm Reply

    What a beautiful family you have. I just smile at the sweet images. I really appreciate that you share her with us. If everyone was in touch with the feelings a new born evokes, the world would be a gentle place.

  24. by Meri on March 10, 2010  1:12 pm Reply

    She is absolutely, positively beautiful. Good job, Mom!

  25. by Shari on March 10, 2010  1:34 pm Reply

    Congratulations, Bridgette! I am SO happy for you and your family. Thank you for sharing news of your little one here with all of us!! xoxo

  26. by Curio on March 10, 2010  3:46 pm Reply

    Wow! Now that's a true work of art!

  27. by Catherine V. Bainbridge on March 10, 2010  11:54 pm Reply

    Hello, I'm popping over here from Soewnearth's blog and what a marvel to find mother and baby. WOW! Blown away! What a beautiful little girl and what fabulous hair she has! Congratulations. Looks like you creativity is going just fine ;}

    Rest and eat well!

  28. by Karin Bartimole on March 15, 2010  2:47 pm Reply

    Oh Bridgette, What a beautiful image of you and your blessed Grace. so glad to know she and her mom are happy and healthy, being helped by big brother and proud poppa, too I'm sure :) love to you and your precious family

  29. by bridgette on March 16, 2010  11:52 am Reply

    Thank you so much to everyone who has left me such wonderful messages here and in private emails. I wish I could respond to everyone, but not getting much computer time lately. So, I hope this will do- Thank you!!
    xo, bridgette

  30. by Shayla on March 16, 2010  4:18 pm Reply

    Congratulations, Bridgette! That sounds wonderful. You chose a beautiful name.

  31. by rivergardenstudio on March 21, 2010  11:20 am Reply

    Oh, what a beautiful photograph of you and your baby... I am sending you blessings of love and tenderness. roxanne

  32. by Roben-Marie on March 23, 2010  3:34 pm Reply

    Congratulations on your little one, dear!! Blessings to you!

  33. by 4ravens on March 24, 2010  8:44 am Reply

    Congrtulations on the arrival of Grace!

  34. by Susan Tuttle on March 30, 2010  9:07 am Reply

    so sorry i am late in delivering my congratulations -- CONGRATULATIONS! She is a beauty!


  35. by Ophelia on April 2, 2010  2:43 pm Reply

    Beautiful Post!

  36. by rose may on May 18, 2010  5:46 am Reply

    She is so adorable. What a blessing. Congratulations! Have a wonderful moment together.
    -Building a house

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