autumn’s glow

 |  May 8, 2006

Last sunday I worked on some encaustic pieces which you can seena few entries down. I knew that I was done with the poppy. The other two I wasn’t so sure about. Then last night, I just felt like playing around with the red leaf again. That one I thought could be done, but just decided to explore a bit and see if I could push it further.

autumn’s glow, encaustic and mixed media, 10 x 10 inches

It is done now.


  1. by Tongue in Cheek Antiques on May 10, 2006  7:08 am Reply

    Like a heart rising above, surrounded in light, symbolic this leaf, the new heart!

  2. by Tracy on May 10, 2006  11:21 am Reply

    I like this piece a lot, glad you pushed it!

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