|  February 22, 2006

The phrase below is what I’ve been working through with all my tree images and paintings. It’s always there. Sitting quietly. So I decided to make a 4 x4 inch mixed media oil dedicated to that phrase.

My translation is not very smooth. But the gist is there.

ayer es un árbol de larga memoria/ yesterday is a tree…..of long memory

I was reading through a journal of mine dedicated to quotes and writings that I’ve pulled from books, poems, whatnot since high school. Recently I came across an excerpt of an essay written by Pablo Neruda that I had copied into that book back in college. The phrase “ayer es un árbol” written hastily in pencil stared back at me. And in my head, when I just read it, I finished it with “de larga memoria”.

yesterday, history, memory, roots…

In the earth part of the landscape is the definition of “memoria” ripped from a spanish dictionary

I might put this on ebay, but not sure right now. I’m feeling a bit attached to it at the moment.

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