Balance Between the Seen and Unseen

In early 2020 I created an encaustic mixed media painting similar to this one. I look at the image from then and I see optimism and a playfulness. Fast forward to spring of 2022, a grittiness evident in this piece. Not surprising. We’ve all collectively and individually been through a lot.

Balance Between the Seen and Unseen, an encaustic mixed media painting by Bridgette Guerzon Mills.
Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Balance Between the Seen and Unseen, encaustic mixed media
10×8 inches

The Luna Moth is such a fascinating creature. Once it comes out of it’s cocoon and emerges as moth, it lives a very short life with an aim to reproduce. It doesn’t even have a mouth to eat! I have never seen one in person, but they are often seen in the evenings as they are attracted to the moon and to light. In the symbolic world, the luna moth is associated with intuition, transformation, transcendence, and rebirth.

Below the moth drawing, I added a a drawing of the nautilus, which is an image I feel very connected to. The nautilus represents eternity- it is a mollusk that has existed over 500 million years. The spirals of the shell is an example of the golden ration, which is always astounding to see how and when it occurs in nature, over and over again. The shell is often seen as a symbol of growth and spiritual growth as well as creation and movement. It spends its entire life creating new space for itself. It reminds us that we can always create and recreate spaces in our lives that are optimal for our health and growth.

Lately with all the upheavals in the world, I have been looking to nature for balance. And since I tend to ruminate on the bad things happening, I need to remind myself that there is a balance between light and dark. Time is eternal…and we are just a little blip. I look at the Luna Moth and how it lives its purpose in such a short cycle and yet that doesn’t diminish its importance and the beauty it brings.

I’ve been in a sort of cocoon recently myself. Well, not really. Just busy with projects and life outside of the studio. And honestly it really has been hard to concentrate this past week! It felt good though to add the finishing touch to this piece this morning. Creating is essential to my health and growth- nautilus!

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