|  August 9, 2006

This panel had been through countless reincarnations. It was originally a landscape of a foggy mountain with trees! But I just couldn’t get it to work. I decided to use one of my “botched up” polaroid transfers that I made a while back of one of the bird houses in my backyard.

I love the look and aged feel of polaroid transfers, but they can be tricky at times to get them to come out clear. You don’t want them too clear because then what’s the point of the transfer? But you don’t want a blurred out mess. This one was kind of in between. But I thought it was still so interesting looking that I have kept it around, waiting for it to find its way into one of my panels.

I really liked how the panel turned out with the polaroid transfer. The only problem was that I knew that it was a birdhouse…but would anyone else? The transfer was not very clear, so I wasn’t sure

So I decided to draw a little bird inside.

Birdhouse, mixed media, 6×8 inches

Bound journal is now available at


  1. by Atul Sabnis on August 9, 2006  5:06 pm Reply

    worth the wait and the versions! :)

  2. by katie on August 9, 2006  10:08 pm Reply

    it's beautiful, bri, beautiful!

  3. by amber on August 9, 2006  11:38 pm Reply

    Wow i love your style,do you have a bio I can read congratulations on your ribbon

  4. by bridgette on August 11, 2006  1:01 pm Reply

    thank you to you all for stopping by my blog and commenting!

    Amber- you can read and see more of my work at my Web site:
    Thanks again!

  5. by cootiegarage on September 3, 2006  12:29 pm Reply

    really gorgeous!!!!

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