Bridgette Guerzon Mills, Bounty, encaustic, 24×24 inches

Last month I worked on this encaustic landscape painting based off of a photo I took through a state park in Delaware. Just on the other side of the trees is the beach and the Atlantic ocean. And between myself and the sands lies this vast network of ecosystems of water and forest and marsh. You don’t often see wild untouched beaches in this area of the mid Atlantic. When you think of the beach in Maryland and Delaware, taffy and boardwalk and fries and Funland are usually what comes to mind. I like to come here to this park though and imagine what it once was. A bounty of life.

As for the actual process of painting this, I just loved getting lost in buildup of textures with the wax. My favorite part though is the grove of trees. I had put it off until the very end because I was worried that I would ruin the whole painting. Well, when one paints, you just can’t let that hold you back. And once I let go and let out my long held breath, I was so happy with the tree shapes.

I am looking forward to starting my next landscape when I get back into the studio.

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