|  July 25, 2007

I got to paint a little last night. I felt like working in encaustics since I missed the encaustic painting party at Trish’s yesterday. I felt a little sluggish and didn’t get quite as much accomplished as I had hoped. But at least this little piece came out of it.

counting, encaustic, 5×7 inches

I also want to thank vivien for her comment she left in my previous post regarding adding words to paintings. It always helps to get other perspectives on the topic. If you haven’t visited her blog before, go visit. Vivien’s paintings are really beautiful and her posts are always thought provoking.


  1. by AluapPaula on July 25, 2007  9:44 pm Reply

    I love your work...all of it. I think what makes it so strong on every level is that there are no compromises on your part. You are not trying to please anyone but yourself. Most of all, your work always has content, which is so closely connected to what is personal for you.

  2. by bridgette on July 26, 2007  1:06 am Reply

    wow, thank you paula. your words mean so much to me! I hope that we will get to meet again in the future. I think back to our meeting in the coffeshop when you were here in seattle and I feel like your words were a turning point for me. Thank you...

  3. by redredday on July 26, 2007  9:02 am Reply

    what a lovely image of the bird! perfect in that slight tilt of the head, or is it more of our perspective on it? hmmm...wondering what it is counting towards...

  4. by Tricia Scott on July 27, 2007  4:50 am Reply

    i, too, was wondering what the little birdie was counting toward. :)
    this piece has me going back to look at it again and again. i am so glad that you were able to work through that sluggish feeling---a beautiful result.

  5. by Tina on July 28, 2007  12:06 pm Reply

    Bridgette, I'm wondering how you ventilate your studio. As I mentioned before, I took a class with Patricia and I'm hooked on encaustics. I'd like to join her open studio days but we're a one car family and it just doesn't work logistically so I think I'm going to have to set something up at home. How do you keep it safe?

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