Drawing to calm the worries

 |  March 15, 2020
Bridgette Guerzon Mills | drawing in progress

Anyone else having trouble focusing these days? Yeah, me too. Feelings of impending doom and uncertainty will do that. I’m finding that things that help me quiet the worry are:

  1. Baking/cooking -it’s a creative act, necessary, productive and yummy
  2. Reading a good book vs. scrolling and scrolling and scrolling the news, which I do a lot of unfortunately. I just started The Starless Sea and that’s helping me slow the endless scrolling for updates.
  3. Drawing with pencil and paper is by far the most helpful. I find it to be meditative. My mind ceases to wander over to the worry section of my brain.
  4. Knitting/crocheting. This has always helped me since I was young. I don’t have a project right now but I have lots of yarn. Seems like a good time to start a new project

Having autoimmune issues always means that one must be more careful. And unfortunately that’s the case with me. But luckily, I don’t have to leave the house as my studio is at home, or take public transportation, my kids’ schools have been cancelled and being an artist working from home all these years- I’m an old hand at social distancing. But it is eerie. Especially since my favorite books to read have always been dystopian fiction. Ugh. Not so entertaining when the world seems crazy right now.

Blueberries are great for the immune system. My usual favorite way to eat blueberries is baked- in muffins, scones, crumbles, etc etc. But eating them like this is also delicious. Toasted multigrain bread, maple almond butter, and a pile of blueberries. Good food doesn’t need to be complicated.

Stay well everyone.


  1. by Ruth Armitage on March 15, 2020  11:44 am Reply

    I am interested to hear your response to Starless Sky. Love the blueberry toast idea. Thankful that the studio remains a sanctuary that is easily accessible.

    • by Bridgette Guerzon Mills on March 15, 2020  9:06 pm Reply

      Our creativity is truly a sanctuary. So grateful for it. I like the book so far, but I just started it! Stay well Ruth

  2. by Jacky Mcfarlane on March 19, 2020  3:32 am Reply

    I too am having trouble focusing, doesn't help that I have an infusion for Pagets on Monday, the last one I had was ten years ago and I could not move for 3 days of pain. So not really motivated to start anything until that is over. But I have been creative with cooking, made home made granola, stewed fruit and chicken soup in crop pot to be frozen after cooling. Stay well.

    • by Bridgette Guerzon Mills on March 19, 2020  2:17 pm Reply

      I think that creativity can take so many forms- like what you have been doing, creating in the kitchen. Also things like writing, gardening, even rearranging a bookshelf! Good luck with your infusion Jacky, I hope it is not as painful this time around. Stay well.

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