Encaustic Nature in Art at TAC

 |  March 3, 2014

Nature is my manifestation of God. I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day’s work. – Frank Lloyd Wright

encaustic mixed media
16×16 inches

I’m excited to be showing this painting along with two others at the Encaustic Nature in Art exhibit taking place at The Art Center in Highland Park, IL. I created this painting last year actually, B.F. (that is, Before the Flood). It was actually right before. I had just finished up my bowl series that I had been working on for the solo show I had at Kindlon Hall at the Benedictine University. And so I was done with the bowls and wanted to get back to my nature based paintings.

I remember that I was thinking about the warmth of the earth, the source of life, the mystery. Contrary probably to a lot of people, I equate black with life, not death. I remember thinking of how nature is a refuge for me. A sanctuary from the busyness of life. And then we experienced the overwhelming power of nature (A.F. After the Flood)and I was reminded that nature is also a force that humans have always and will always struggle against to survive.

But it’s both. Both refuge and peril.

In the midst of the chaos that ensued in our life, I never posted about this painting here on my blog. This show is the first time I will be showing Cradled in an exhibit. I wish I could be there! I’ll be missing out on the opening as well as catching up with some of my Chicago friends who will also be in the show. If you are in the area, I hope you will stop by for the opening or for the exhibit while it is up at the Art Center. The other two paintings are paintings from this year actually. I’m happy to be showing Gathered and Pieced Together and Earth Remembered in this exhibit.

TAC postcard front Tac encaustic postcard back


  1. by Tina Gilmore on March 4, 2014  5:13 am Reply

    So wish I lived nearer so I could go....beautiful work and beautiful words...hope all goes well. x

    • by bridgette on March 4, 2014  11:31 am Reply

      Thanks Tina! I wish I could be there as well.

  2. by Jo Murray on March 4, 2014  2:25 pm Reply

    Great work. Good luck with the show.

    • by bridgette on March 7, 2014  3:37 pm Reply

      Thank you so much Jo Murray

  3. by windrock studio on March 4, 2014  7:12 pm Reply

    I love this piece and the title ... you should be so proud.

    • by bridgette on March 7, 2014  3:38 pm Reply

      Thank you always for your encouragement! I appreciate it

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