encausticamp spotlight: Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

 |  May 30, 2011

This is the last instructor spotlight for EncaustiCamp and I knew I had to save the best for last. Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch is the spark and force behind EncaustiCamp. When she called me up to tell me about her vision, I knew I needed to heed her call.


On the website, she describes her vision for this encaustic retreat in Oregon as this:

Encausticamp is about everyone; encaustic artists, mixed media afficionados, experimenters extraordinaire and all form of crafts persons alike! This retreat is about going beyond the borders of encaustic art and opening welcome arms to the art and craft world at large so as to expose the beauty, versitility, accessibility and intense pleasure of this multi-media friend to all walks of artist, crafter, experimenter. With the intent of bringing the rich diversity-potential of the wax to the forefront of the creative world, EncaustiCamp strives to embrace and welcome the notion that ‘anything is possible’.

I first met Patricia several years ago in Seattle at an encaustic demo I attended at Daniel Smith Art Supplies. I remember it vividly because the demo room was packed and there was an excitement in the air to hear about painting in encaustic. I signed up for more information and when I received an email about a 3day encaustic workshop at her studio, I jumped on it. My son was only 4 months old at the time, but I had started having opportunities to show and sell my encaustic work and I wanted to make sure that I was following correct protocol, since all of what I had been doing was self-taught. Those days in her studio opened up a world for me, in so many ways- at that time I was just emerging as an artist and I also had a new role as a mother, Patricia was such a source of inspiration for me. She passed more onto me than just the confidence that what I was doing in the studio with encaustics was correct.

EncaustiCamp in Salem, Oregon this July. She was such a huge part of my early encaustic journey and I am honored to be part of this retreat. And I get to go to my beloved Pacific Northwest!

Her workshop sounds like it will be full of interesting techniques for bringing in unusual materials together with encaustic. Here is the description:

Foundations in wax with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

Plaster, Tar, wood icing and burning tools! All fantastic materials in and of themselves, but as we put them to task in unison with encaustic they become beautiful foundations, additions in the waxen layers, and detailing additions to the nearly finished paintings. With the opportunity to take advantage of glue burning and shellac as well, these products come together to bring the 2dimensional encaustic painting to all new heights~

Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

Come join us!


  1. by tangled sky studio on May 30, 2011  11:45 pm Reply

    such a treat for anyone able to attend, you are an amazing artist artist and teacher which is a rare combination...have a great time in your od stomping grounds bridgette!

  2. by bridgette on May 30, 2011  11:50 pm Reply

    thanks Beth! I'm looking forward to it for sure. We need to get together soon! One of these days...

  3. by merci33 on May 31, 2011  4:44 pm Reply

    'Spruce and Juniper' is gorgeous and I'm so happy to hear that you get to see her everyday...

    The featured artist series that you're doing is lovely, I agree with tangled sky...you bring such grace and beauty to all that you share...you are going to have SO MUCH FUN!!!!! at EncautiCamp.

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