evening song

 |  May 24, 2006

So, I’ve been painting here and there between making books. I “think” I finished a large piece…but still not sure. I am 99% sure it’s done. But it’s that 1% that’s bugging me. So I’m going to let it sit. I feel like i’ve been working on it forever.

Here is something that I thought was done a long time ago. But I worked on it a bit yesterday and now know that it is finished. This photo isn’t the best…ugh. I really need to get a tripod. And the glare is pretty bad. Oh well.

evening song, oil and mixed media on wood, 8×8 inches

Actually it was a quick discussion with Peter Hollinghurst that pushed me yesterday to return to it and finish it. A discussion about the inner and outer environments. How the misty and foggy mornings are like portals inward. A reflection of my inner landscape.

I’ve been working on paintings trying to build up a bunch for the show next year. I had come up with a tentative theme. But kept getting stuck. Hating everything. Panic. So what did I do?

I made book covers like a mad woman and I’ve been binding a lot too. I got a lot of book work done!!

And now after that break I decided to just paint. No theme in mind. Just paint and see what comes out. I figure after a few paintings, something will develop and I will find a more definite direction.

I wonder how people normally do this. Do people just paint and hope that they will be able to hang together well? Or do people paint with an idea for the group already formed? I guess I just need to figure all this out my own way.


  1. by Tracy on May 24, 2006  5:30 pm Reply

    Hi Bridgette, I think this painting is very nice, it has a nice dreamy. moody feel. And even though I seldom use black I like seeing it (although it may not be black, black in real life) in paintings and especially when it's used effectively, as you have done here.

    Just keep painting and you'll start to get an idea of what direction to take.

  2. by bridgette on May 24, 2006  8:23 pm Reply

    Thanks Tracy. It's actually not black, black...it just looks more black on the screen! But I did use black.

    Thanks for your advice. Although I have been selling my mixed media journals for several years now, I am just entering the world of painting and shows...and so learning as I go. Thanks again!!

  3. by Marie on May 24, 2006  11:09 pm Reply

    Bridgette, the trees are lovely, surreal and full of sparks for contemplation.
    I'm glad you mentioned Peter's link. His digital work is great.
    take care

  4. by bridgette on May 26, 2006  1:00 am Reply

    Thanks marie! Yes, his work is always intriguing. You should check out his blog as he posts newer work there often.

  5. by Tongue in Cheek Antiques on June 2, 2006  3:25 am Reply

    your art has a depth, it attracts and calls me, the shadows, the mist, the light whispering...a beauty that seems mysterious yet known..

  6. by goldleafgoddess on July 22, 2006  9:29 pm Reply

    K- I really like these.

    By the way...*sneaky secret info * we showed your work in our new project...:)

  7. by bridgette on July 24, 2006  2:15 pm Reply

    c-thanks! secret info sounds exciting!!

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