|  March 25, 2008


This is an experiment with plaster and encaustic. mmmm, not my favorite outcome. I like the textures, but feel like the image is not quite right. This is definitely going into the save for further experimentation pile.

Still trying to figure out what I will be hanging for my April show at Cugini’s in Ballard. I thought I had it all figured out, diagramed out and even had all my labels made. But I just had this gut feeling that it just wasn’t right. So still trying to figure this out. blech. Being a perfectionist is a drag at times. But at the same time, I feel that whenever I represent myself to the public, in any shape or form, I can’t take shortcuts. And since I’m just starting out with showing my work I don’t want to appear unprofessional.

Always try my best, so that I won’t have any regrets that it could have been done better. Actually I feel that way about other things in life too, not just with my art. Regrets are icky. Although I know that things can always be tweaked to be better. So, I guess the trick is striving for the best, but knowing when to let it go and be content. Nothing in life is perfect, and life is more beautiful for its imperfections.

When I’m not feeling well, I tend to babble. I should just go drink some tea or something.

The great thing though is that I have a body of work to pick and choose from. It’s a good feeling to not have to rush around or settle.


  1. by Dale on March 25, 2008  7:35 pm Reply

    So many of your pieces are soo beautiful, i am sure you will be able to find one suitable for the show.

    I really like the texture you were able to create with the plaster and wax. I look forward to seeing a piece once you have further experimented. It looks great already :)

  2. by Michelle on March 26, 2008  9:25 am Reply

    Ah, the perfectionist thing. A curse and a blessing.I am putting together my first show, labels, where should I sign? How will the colors interact, if I get this one thing wrong, will it turn off a whole segemnt of people? But now I have a body of work, how cool is that?
    Good luck, it wil be perfect!

  3. by San on March 26, 2008  6:53 pm Reply

    Bridget, the textures in this piece are beautiful. And the way the bottom seems to cascade. And the way the apparition-like trees are set back--nice dimensional effect. Maybe it's the stark contrast in color that bothers you? Sometimes things that bother me in art start to grow on me.

    I agree with you: life is more beautiful for its imperfections.

  4. by smith kaich jones on March 27, 2008  3:23 pm Reply

    This is going to sound goofy, but, hey, that's the way I am sometimes. I really liked reading this post & really liked the way you spoke to US as fellow artists, confiding your thoughts about "the public". I've felt very not-artisty lately & this (plus a couple of replies on my own blog) have helped that feeling.

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