Fragmented Memory

Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Fragmented Memory, in my art journal

A page in my journal today using an old Polaroid transfer that got damaged in my studio flood. I’ve been doing some visual journal entries in what I’ve started calling my covid19 journal, only because I have turned to it when my emotions regarding all this gets heavy and I turn to making quick images to help me process.

I heard sad news last night of someone I have known since my childhood who passed away yesterday due to Covid19. I have not seen her since I was probably 14 or 15, but I’ve spent time today trying to remember the fleeting and few memories I have of her. She was an aunt by marriage – my mom’s brother’s sister-in-law and I called her tia (Spanish for aunt). I remember she had a big laugh and she was a storyteller and jokemaker ….she spoke in Spanish with my mom when she’d visit us from her home up in NY, so I didn’t fully understand what the two of them would be laughing about. She was very nice and caring to me, and I will always remember that. A very kind presence. My mom said that she was a giver and was always helping others. Keeping her family in my thoughts today.

“La muerte no existe, hija, la gente sólo se muere cuando la olvidan; si puedes recordarme, siempre estaré contigo.” – Isabel Allende Cuentos de Eva Luna

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