|  November 21, 2005

Here’s my entry for Illustration Friday’s theme of “free”.

A leaf falling free from a tree. Drifting down. Gathering.

This is a mixed media piece using oil paint, a gel transfer and thread. It measures 4 x 4 inches!



  1. by Alina Chau on November 22, 2005  2:11 am Reply

    WOW!! Love your painting styles, beautiful

  2. by zira on November 22, 2005  9:53 am Reply

    Good job!

  3. by a on November 22, 2005  12:44 pm Reply

    love the single leaf drifting. really nice colors and textures in this piece

  4. by Urban Convert on November 23, 2005  4:15 am Reply

    This is so beautiful. In fact, it's perfect. To be able to buy all the art I love . . .

  5. by Christine Lim Simpson on November 24, 2005  11:22 am Reply

    Intriging painting. Very very well rendered. The harmony of the textures, colours and shapes are blended perfectly.

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