holding on

holding on
holding on, oil and mixed media, 5×5 inches

Today was my first full studio day at my new studio and I got a few things done, other paintings further along, and a few others started. That’s how I work. I have lots of different things going on at the same time. It helps to do it that way especially when I am painting in oils.

I arrived at 9:30 am, and the vendors on the street in front of the building were still setting up for the Sunday Farmers Market. I hurried upstairs to get started and finished one of my larger paintings that I have been working on these past few weeks in the first hour. Those first two hours though I called home three times to check on my husband and baby and I kept getting the same answer, “yes, he’s still sleeping…” and the funny thing is if I had stayed home and worked from my studio at home I would have kept going upstairs to see how they were doing. Or to sit and talk. Or go for a walk to get coffee. But being alone in my studio, it was just me. And like I said I called home several times the first two hours I was there. But then knowing that I had several more hours ahead of me, I hunkered down and got more work done than I would have if I had tried to work from home. I was able to get into that zone. You know that zone, where time ceases to exist and then you look around all of a sudden and can’t believe that so much time has passed. That hasn’t happened in a while.

The other thing that was neat was having the farmers’ market teeming outside the building. I have been working from home for 5 years now…I have forgotten that feeling of being part of the world. It’s hard to explain. But it felt good. I even picked up some halibut before I went home and made a delicious dinner for us- baked halibut with garlic and dill, a spinach salad with mango and avocado, rice pilaf, and green beans. Cleaned our two bathrooms, and fed Noah and put him to sleep after his dad gave him his bath. Life is good. Challenging, but good. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I feel that this studio is a good change for me and for us. It rejuvenates me.

I finished this little painting today too.


  1. It is nice to get into that zone, isn’t it? Although I do my work (or is it play?) from home, I have to wait for the ski season to get chunks of time alone. I actually love it when my two guys go off on a weekend ski trip; that’s when I own all of my time.

  2. Hi paula, i don’t think i will ever own my “own” time again now that I’m a mom! But at least I get a few hours here and there. As you had told me a few months ago- I am learnign to work in fragmented time.

    Thanks Cheryl! Your words mean so much. My studio is a teeny tiny piece of heaven. 🙂 But it has enough room for an easel, a table and lots of canvases and that’s all that counts.

  3. I am going to have my husband read this post. You see, I work from home but can’t seem to get anything done as there are always so many other distractions. He is pressing for me to get a studio space to get me out of the house and focus on ME. The baby would probably have a great time in a part time daycare setting with kids his own age. I am really going to read this post over and over and try to convince myself that I need to really be doing that same thing. Love the new work.

  4. bridgette, as you said where there’s a will there’s a way. so true! i know i said this before but i am so proud of you. you took such a big step. 🙂
    the studio sounds wonderful. i like also the farmer’s market being right there…your hubby is sure to love you going to the studio if he gets incredible meals like that each time! 🙂

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