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 |  October 7, 2007

I got back from Florida last night after a long flight and I’m still recovering from the travel and the time difference. But I am so glad I went. First of all, it was so great to see my work hanging up at the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery after dedicating myself to preparing for this show for the past months. They really did a great job hanging all the paintings. I was so excited to finally meet Suzanne Clements who worked her butt off helping me to prepare for the show and was instrumental in me even getting the show! It’s always fun to meet people in 3D that you have known online. I think I found Suzanne’s blog back in 2005 when I first started blogging as well as really honing in on my dream to paint. She has been an inspiration to me these past two years. She was a great host too on my one full day in Melbourne.

Here we are at the gallery on the morning of the opening reception.

I actually don’t have any pictures of the opening reception as I was too busy talking to people who came by. It was all a blur really. But I had a lot of fun and everyone was so nice. I have to say that the people in Melbourne are really friendly and down to earth.

I was so excited to meet Roben-Marie Smith of Paper Bag Studios in person after admiring her mixed media work for years. It was so nice of her to drive all the way out to the opening. I hope we will get to hang out again in the future in a more calm setting!

I do have photos of the show before the reception that I will post soon. But for now here is one:


Thank you to all who left comments wishing me well for the show! I had a great time.


  1. by Tricia Scott on October 8, 2007  7:23 am Reply

    bridgette, your work looks absolutely stunning hanging there in the gallery!i am so happy for you! :)

  2. by Kim Hambric on October 8, 2007  8:51 am Reply

    Congratulations on a great show. It must have been wonderful to spend the evening talking to a roomful of people who enjoy your art. The gallery has a wonderful website & did a great job of showcasing your work on it.

  3. by Dawn on October 8, 2007  10:18 am Reply

    Your paintings look lovely! Thanks for sharing...can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks... :)


  4. by marta on October 8, 2007  11:10 pm Reply

    Glad to find your work. I'm from Florida and have family in Melbourne. I'll tell them to check out your show--sorry I can't. Good luck.

  5. by Karen on October 17, 2007  8:19 am Reply

    YAY! CONGRATULATIONS!!! the paintings look amazing- you have been busy huh??? cheers to this one & many more!

  6. by Roben-Marie on October 20, 2007  2:12 pm Reply

    Hello, Bridgette! It was such a pleasure to finally meet you in person and your mom is so lovely! I enjoyed speaking with her! Your work is great on the screen, but nothing compares to seeing it in real life! Thanks for sharing and answering our questions. You are a doll and I wish you all the best!! RM :)

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