|  November 5, 2008

A friend forwarded this to me in an email. I don’t know who wrote it, but I love it:

Rosa sat
so Martin could walk
Martin walked
so Obama could run
Obama ran
so our children could FLY!

I am so proud of my country right now. Proud of being part of this historic moment. Proud to tell my son that with determination and hope and courage, anything is possible.

Check out this slideshow.


  1. by Blue Sky Dreaming on November 5, 2008  4:26 pm Reply

    Thank you for the slideshow...each picture said so much...this is a special time for the the US and the world!

  2. by Leililaloo on November 5, 2008  4:38 pm Reply

    I love these words, i feel great happiness about what happned today!!! Even if i am not from the U.S.A. I feel it's my president as well. I feel super happy and emotional!

  3. by tangled sky studio on November 5, 2008  5:11 pm Reply

    thanks bridgette...so few words with so much meaning...today is a good day!

  4. by celeste on November 7, 2008  9:30 pm Reply

    the slide show was excellent. thanks for the link.

  5. by Kim Hambric on November 10, 2008  10:08 am Reply

    Thanks for sharing those words, no matter who wrote them. I still cry just thinking about what happened. Can't wait to see what the future brings. I have a feeling it will be easier for me to create. I hope other artists are similarly affected.

  6. by YogaforCynics on November 21, 2008  2:05 am Reply

    It's been a couple of weeks, and I still have trouble believing it....The moment when Michelle and Malia and Sasha joined Barack on stage, seen in the first slide, I sat there watching the TV sputtering out to my friends in wonder "my god...that's the first family...." Clearly, this country is capable of being far better than I'd realized, and, certainly, if we collectively can triumph over such a terrible history, what might I be able to triumph over in my own life?

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