Illustration Friday – Surprise

 |  December 10, 2005

Surprise! A fish shooting out of a cannon is definitely unexpected. This was made with clip art, watercolor, and pencil


  1. by Mick on December 10, 2005  3:05 pm Reply

    Well made me laugh out loud!

  2. by carla on December 10, 2005  3:22 pm Reply

    Very funny! I like the old-time look of the black and white portion, and I just love how it bursts into color with the fish! What a really cool idea.

  3. by Anonymous on December 10, 2005  4:56 pm Reply

    Cleverly constructed.


  4. by annax on December 10, 2005  6:22 pm Reply

    Excellent! It made me smile from ear to ear!

  5. by Amy Zaleski on December 10, 2005  8:44 pm Reply

    Oh dear....I'm sure these folks were not expecting this! I love your sense of humor!

  6. by Ron AmoriM on December 11, 2005  1:46 am Reply

    Hahaha...I love it!

    "Gadzooks! Gentlemen, I do believe a most interesting curse has been laid upon our ammunition!"

  7. by cristosova on December 13, 2005  4:13 am Reply

    Very surreal! I love it!
    May that happen to all weapons now.

  8. by Aravis on December 13, 2005  4:33 pm Reply

    Very funny. What a wonderful idea! Excellently illustrated. :0)

  9. by Jeope on December 14, 2005  11:27 am Reply

    I love nonsensical stuff like this. Why not, hey? Good job.

  10. by hartini on December 15, 2005  11:35 am Reply

    Funny! :D

    Awesome details! :) Great work done here.

  11. by Urban Convert on December 16, 2005  7:43 am Reply

    There's something about surrealism and goldfish that just go together. Great Job. I love your use of the 19th century art.

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