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 |  May 27, 2006

I’ve been working on several paintings this week. Here is one in progress. I went to Daniel Smith this morning and got much needed tubes of Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber. I never know which brands to get. I like Daniel Smith brand and also Windsor Newton. Some of the Daniel Smith were cheaper than WN. Not by much, but ever penny counts. And I bought an encaustic block of white which was quite pricey. But I needed it so that I can finish the two encaustic pieces that are sitting there waiting to get done.

I’ve been cutting and pasting some art that I’ve printed out from Web sites of some artists that I really love into my journal. Also cut out art from brochures and postcards from shows that I go to. Next to each piece, I write the name of the artist, the medium, size, and price if that’s available. And then I write about what it is that I love in each piece. Why I included that painting in my book. Thoughts on the subject matter, the palette, or the style. Whatever. Scribbled thoughts.

I was reading through these entries this past week and picked out similar threads between them all. Some were very realistic, some were more abstract. Oil, acrylic, mixed media, drawing. Anything that struck a chord with me I keep in my journal.

Main three threads (and these are not surprising at all as these are what find themselves in my own paintings):

1. landscapes
2. texture
3. personal symbology

And then there was one more that wasn’t as apparent. And this last one I am more picky about.

4. human figure

With the human figure I tend to lean more toward less realistic interpretations. The human figure as metaphor. I would like to tackle some paintings like that. One day…


  1. by A COLLAGE A DAY on May 28, 2006  1:55 am Reply

    I find that making a image board helps me out very much. I cut out image from art magazines that I like and use them as a reference. I pin them to my wall in my studio. When I run into trouble,which I always do, I go to the board to help me out. I mostly collect colors,texture and things that I like. I always like what I lack, but don't we all.
    I like you work very much!!


  2. by katie on June 10, 2006  5:27 pm Reply

    Your journal sounds fascinating - what a great way to document the art your attracted to, such a great reference. I appreciate your tips on the paint too, I usually get Golden but they are so pricey - I think I'll give Daniel smith a try.
    I'm wondering if you are using oil paints with your encaustic?
    Have a great weekend!

  3. by matt on June 12, 2006  1:47 am Reply

    you have fantastic works....

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