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 |  November 29, 2006

Since I’m on bedrest, I’ve been using the time this morning to catch up on blogs I read. I have signed up for bloglines to help me keep track of all the places I want to visit, but it’s still hard to keep up at times!

I went to this blog In the Mood for Arte which I love to visit because artist Sophia Barao features different mixed media artist on this blog. I have been introduced to some really interesting and inspiring mixed media artists since I had stumbled upon her blog.

Anyway, I went to the blog and there I was! Two of my encaustic mixed media pieces and a link to my Web site. That definitely brightened my day after a disappointing ultrasound visit late yesterday afternoon.

Thank you for your comments on my last post. I really appreciate it.


  1. by Marie on November 29, 2006  9:25 pm Reply

    I hope you keep well and your little one continues to grow while you rest carefully in bed.
    Take care

  2. by Sofia Barao on November 30, 2006  5:50 pm Reply

    I'm glad you liked it, your work is wonderful :)

  3. by Love Squalor on December 10, 2006  1:49 am Reply

    i just found your site via Waking Up Late and wanted to tell you how beautiful your art is - i've been staring at the image in the post below in awe of the beauty, the colors, the grace! i hope all is going well with your pregnancy - best wishes. i hope when things settle down, you will have time to come back to this space.

  4. by amber on December 10, 2006  8:41 pm Reply

    I'm sorry to hear about your delicate situation
    i'm sure the bedrest will make sure everything goes well
    Take Care

  5. by primdollie on December 11, 2006  11:00 am Reply

    I am usually a lurker when I come here and love to see your work! I am hoping that things are going well for you and your little one!! I know bed rest is awful and very hard but am praying that it will help in the long run of course!!!! stay well and rest and look forward to hear all about the baby and then new art!!! sending you well wishes and happiness and the best holiday season!! Hugs Linda

  6. by Anonymous on December 17, 2006  10:16 am Reply

    Bridgette, So sorry to hear that you are having pregnancy difficulties. I know it is difficult to be so restricted, but it won't be forever and you are wise to use this time to catch up on other things. Cause you sure won't have much time for the computer once you have that little baby!


  7. by whymommy on December 20, 2006  10:56 pm Reply

    How's bed rest? I know, it's very very hard. I've been on bed rest for pain during this pregnancy for 6+ months, and it is just hard. Feel free to pop by my blog if you want some company, or some ideas on how to survive it.

    Good luck to you!

    -- another pregnant mommy

  8. by cootiegarage on January 15, 2007  1:23 am Reply

    wishing you all the best with baby!!!!

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