in unison

 |  June 13, 2011

in unison
mixed media cover
handbound blank journal
7×5 inches

This is a recent journal I made that uses one of my oil paintings on canvas that I adhered to the panel, torn papers, beeswax and oil pastel. The intertwined fern image was created doing a polaroid transfer. And yes, that is why I call what I do “mixed media”.

Feels like it’s been forever since I last posted. I actually have been working on creating new journals lately, but I have not been on the computer much. Around the time that I last posted I had a nasty fall on the pavement. The scary thing was that I was holding my little girl in my arms and so in order to protect her from getting smashed into the sidewalk, I got smashed into the sidewalk. And my left wrist, which must have taken the impact, just has not been the same since. It still is painful to type. So I apologize for not being able to respond to all the kind comments that were left on my last post in regards to the collaborative book with Jen and Seth. Thank you everyone! It feels good to finish up such a long project and then on top of it to really cherish the work that was done together individually and as a group.

The thing that I still find incredible is the ability for the body to adjust itself in mid-air, in a spit second, in order to protect someone else. It is still a blur of slow motion in my mind’s eye. So in order to get the art stuff done that needs to get done, I’ve been laying low on the typing. Hopefully it will feel 100% soon.


  1. by ArtPropelled on June 14, 2011  2:43 am Reply

    Hope your wrist heals quickly Bridgette. A fall really shakes one doesn't it? Glad your little girl was not hurt.

    Another beautiful journal! Your work makes me feel so close to nature.

  2. by Julie Shackson on June 14, 2011  7:04 am Reply

    Wishing you swift healing; at least you know your reflexes are good! Lovely book cover, as ever!

  3. by Wax Beach Artist on June 14, 2011  11:17 am Reply

    I am sorry to hear about your fall and I wish you a speedy recovery. Yes, it's amazing how we can react so swiftly, I have been there before. I am glad your daughter is ok. I love your art and this new creation is no exception. I love the way you combine images and colors. I especially love the top part of this piece...dreamland.

  4. by tangled sky studio on June 14, 2011  2:21 pm Reply

    It sounds like your mothering instincts really kicked in and prevented something worse. I had a bad fall while running last year and it really stunned me and took me a while to recover. As adults we don't physically fall much and it took me a week or so to wrap my head around the idea of falling down. Well wishes to you and your little one!

  5. by NaNa on June 14, 2011  3:51 pm Reply

    This book cover is absolutely gorgeous! And yes. It's been forever since you posted! sigh. Hope you're feeling better though.

  6. by Bev on June 14, 2011  6:37 pm Reply

    oh bridgette, i'm so sorry for your fall...mama instinct sure kicked in, didn't it??!!
    this is another beautiful journal cover, for sure...
    i have all the supplies purchased to get started with encaustic, just need to finish setting up my art room(we just moved)...can't wait to create!

  7. by Tracy on June 15, 2011  8:02 am Reply

    So very sorry to hear about that fall... Hoping very much you will be feeling better before long. Sending a bright, white light to surround & comfort you. :o) LOVE the journal... the pinky fern piece on the cover is lovely. This cover feels like urban & woods at the same time--brilliant!

  8. by Seth on June 15, 2011  8:02 pm Reply

    I am so sorry to hear about your fall Bridgette. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a quick re-entry back into all your ongoing art projects!

  9. by Denise on June 16, 2011  12:37 am Reply

    Sorry to read of your fall, but aren't you so thankful your reflexes protected your daughter?! Wishes for a good recovery!

  10. by Meri on June 18, 2011  5:40 pm Reply

    It is quite amazing how instinctively you protect your child before yourself. Hope the wrist recovers quickly -- no fun for an artist to have restricted mobility in a part necessary to hold brushes.

  11. by Karin Bartimole on June 22, 2011  2:42 pm Reply

    i love this journal you've pictured here bridgette - it's beautiful.
    i am so sorry to hear about your fall - i hope your wrist just needs time to get better, and i'm glad your daughter is okay.
    thinking of you and sending healing thoughts! xo K

  12. by Caryl on June 23, 2011  4:17 pm Reply

    Absoutely love your journals.

  13. by Lianne on June 27, 2011  2:04 am Reply

    Hope you're better now. It's so easy to do. I slipped on a floor my husband had been waxing (and didnt tell me!) and fell on my hip a few years back, thought nothing of it as I was a spritely 23 year old and about 1 month later, after my bruises had vanished, my whole lower body went into some kind of shock from the impact. I could hardly move. Every time I walked my muscles would seize up until I was in agony and it was just from the trauma of falling over and not resting enough. I couldn't believe how long it took to recover.

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