Introduction to Encaustic and Mixed Media/Photography at PerficalSense Studio

I have been incorporating my photos in my paintings for many years now. That is what I do. I love doing it. I started doing it when I mainly painted in acrylics. I’ve also done it with oils. And I do it with encaustic. Sometimes I veer off and try different things out, like my bowls, but I will always do work where I use my photos.

Outside of Time
encaustic mixed media, 2012

This Saturday I will be teaching an Introduction to Encaustic and Mixed Media/Photography workshop at PerficalSense Studio’s new location in Evanston. I believe the class is almost full, but there may be a spot or 2 open. Call Cindy and check if you are interested! For more information on the workshop, please visit my site.

M(Other) Love
book art created in collaboration with Hanne Matthiesen

I also love to make books. The book above is one my favorite book art pieces I have worked in, mostly because of the emotional subject matter. This book was created in collaboration with Hanne Matthiesen, an artist I truly admire. It is mixed media, with a bit of encaustic thrown in.

I’m excited to share that I was invited to teach a 3Day workshop on creating books, using mixed media and encaustic techniques in Whidbey Island, WA this spring at the Pacific Northwest Art School. The information for this workshop is on the school’s page and they are taking registration already. I will be making a more in depth blog post and updating my website as soon as I am able to, but wanted to link up to it while I’m at my computer. Computer time has been scarce these days.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about either of these workshops.


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