Is Spirit Present?

Is Spirit Present?
Is Spirit Present?
mixed media
5×7 inches

For the past few weeks, months, not sure really, but in the recent past and present I have been working on small mixed media panels. I was just feeling my way around with them, nothing really in mind…but then I started feeling like they were answers to questions that have been floating in my head.

Lately I have been reading books and essays by naturalists and environmentalists who combine their connection with the natural world and science with their understanding of God, or of a higher power, whatever you want to call it. These thoughts have also led me to reading more about Celtic Christianity. Many years ago I worked in a gallery in Illinois called the Native American Art Gallery and that also began my self education in some of the belief systems of the indigenous people of the Americas.

I was reading something recently that presented ideas about presence and connecting to place and how we can connect ourselves into the sacredness of the everyday by asking yourself : is spirit present?

If you have any books on similar topics that you’d recommend, please share as I am always looking for more books to read! I am currently reading Honey From Stone and am enjoying it so far.

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