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 |  June 23, 2011

mixed media cover
8×6 inch handbound blank journal

A few weeks ago I was in a flurry to get journals made as a)the “shelves” on my amanobooks site have been emarrassingly empty these past few months and b) I was planning on bringing journals to sell at vending night at EncaustiCamp. But then I had “the fall” and that kind of put a halt to binding for a while. I finally have these journals bound, but I have decided that I am not going to vend. I’m disappointed, but that’s ok, I think I’ll spend that time shopping instead! ha! There are going to be a lot of wonderful supplies, books and art being offered by the other instructors. By the way, vending night is open to the public, so if you are local to Salem, Oregon, stop by!

I will be bringing these journals with me however, as I want to show how one can incorporate thin layers of beeswax for a cover. When I use encaustic or just beeswax for journal covers, I apply a very thin layer as my journals go everywhere I go. They need to withstand abuse! Actually if I want to bring wax into the art of a journal cover, I usually just use beeswax for my journal covers. But again, I have used encaustic for some covers. Never, say never, right?

mixed media and beeswax
8×6 inch handbound blank journal

This journal, Winthrop is going to be my personal journal. I can’t wait! I still have a few pages left in my current one. I have been obsessed lately with stitching, stitching, stitching and combining different tones of white. Actually “lately” isn’t the right word. I feel like I have been obsessed with these two things for a few years now.

of early morning
mixed media and beeswax
6×6 inches

The cover for Of Early Morning includes plaster, inkjet print on tissue paper, beeswax, and acrylic. No, the acrylic is not combined with the wax. The acylic paint was applied in the areas where I did not put beeswax. Actually, you can see where the beeswax ends and the acrylic begins.


  1. by Wax Beach Artist on June 23, 2011  12:13 pm Reply

    Beautiful. I love all of your work and these journals are no exception!

  2. by Angie on June 24, 2011  10:51 am Reply

    Lovely! I find your work so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your very special artistic view.

  3. by Seth on June 24, 2011  11:07 pm Reply

    Winthrop is definitely a favorite Bridgette. I can see why you are using that journal as your personal one.

  4. by Lianne on June 27, 2011  1:57 am Reply

    I've never attempted encaustic. By the looks of these I should. I love the poppy journal.

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