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 |  June 17, 2009

I spent part of my Sunday studio day hanging out with Haley Nagy who not only makes books, but also works in encaustics. We’re like twins separated at birth! It was so much fun sharing ideas and tips on the two art forms. Haley brought me a little present too. It was a cake of medium she made herself. Of course, I can’t remember the specifics but it is different than the encaustic medium that I use, which I buy from R&F. It has a yellow tone to it and when it was melted, a sweet honey smell filled my studio. Thanks Haley!

lesson plans
8×16 inches

I tested it out on the piece above that afternoon after our visit together. You can see the top part is warmer than the rest of the piece. Although I should have put my other medium on top of the white underneath to really see the difference. But I did that on another piece that is not quite finished yet. I will point it out later.

This painting is actually two 8×8 wood panels attached. I was working on both of them at the same time without any intention of joining them. Just by chance, I had the bird piece laying above the nest piece on my work table. The edges happened to be touching, looking like the one continued into the other…..and I thought, “hey, that looks interesting……” And so now they belong together.

Numbers and letters are finding their way more and more into my work lately. I think it’s because the majority of my days are spent with my 2 year old son and our days are filled with alphabet singing and counting. Alphabet and number puzzles rule our days. His two favorite books right now are Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3 . Counting steps, counting crackers, counting counting counting. It’s no wonder numbers are infiltrating my work!



Yesterday I posted Tuesday’s journaling tip over at amanobooks.com. Make sure to check it out as it features the amazing journal pages of Seth Apter.


  1. by Shayla on June 17, 2009  3:12 pm Reply

    Neat piece! and "Chicka chicka boom boom" is the most fun alphabet book ever.

  2. by Dawn on June 17, 2009  4:32 pm Reply

    Seriously, I SWOONED as I scrolled down the page looking at this...

  3. by Lumilyon on June 17, 2009  6:56 pm Reply

    This is utterly beautiful and full of atmosphere. i want to be an encaustic artist!!!

  4. by Jeane on June 17, 2009  11:36 pm Reply

    mmmmm, the two pieces together are rich, Bridgette!

  5. by Meri on June 18, 2009  12:07 am Reply

    Have you seen the stuff Judy Wise has done in her plaster painting? There's another textural thing for you to try.

  6. by Binky on June 18, 2009  1:24 am Reply

    I LOVE the smell of the natural wax. It works beautifully and an all over glaze. It really pulls a disconnected piece together well.

  7. by Sapphire Dakini on June 18, 2009  8:15 am Reply

    I love your work. It has such a feeling of mystery to it.

  8. by Carmen on June 18, 2009  10:14 am Reply

    This is gorgeous and I love them together.

  9. by Seth on June 18, 2009  12:28 pm Reply

    Such a wonderful piece - the two parts really dwork well together. I love the addition of the letters and numbers to your work as well. Thanks too Bridgette for highlighting my travel journals on amanobooks!

  10. by Mary on June 18, 2009  12:47 pm Reply

    I absolutely love your art!! It is so rich - I am liking the addition of the letters and numbers too.

  11. by Tricia on June 18, 2009  3:29 pm Reply

    beautiful!!! i just sat for a good five minutes and soaked in all the beauty of this new piece. what you wrote about the letters and numbers made me smile---it really seems like it was just yesterday we were reading chicka chicka boom boom. :) good memories. and love how all the parts of our lives get translated onto the canvas.

  12. by tangled sky studio on June 18, 2009  8:35 pm Reply

    these two pieces look perfect and balanced together. it's amazing how much of who you are becomes a part of your work...it keeps slipping in waiting to be noticed.

  13. by Ophelia on June 19, 2009  7:23 am Reply

    This is incredible!!

  14. by Kim Hambric on June 19, 2009  8:48 am Reply

    I love the thought of your workspace filled with the smell of honey. My secret pleasure working in fiber art is ironing batiks. The smell is wonderful.

    Art "accidents" are wonderful. I had no idea there were two pieces put together. All the components work so well together.

    Keep letting those everyday moments work their way into your art. I feel the best art comes from our immediate surroundings.

    Right now I'm wishing my comment could be more profound and heartfelt. However, my daughter is belting out showtunes at the top of her lungs and I cannot think. But can I work this into my art? Hmmmmmm.

  15. by Mar on June 19, 2009  2:49 pm Reply

    i am so glad i was somehow directed to your blog
    everytime i visit i just smile
    your work is so lovely!

  16. by rivergardenstudio on June 23, 2009  11:53 am Reply

    I am in love with this honey colored medium... and your "lesson plans" And, your interview and post of Seth's travel journals is wonderful! Roxanne

  17. by Carol Wiebe on June 30, 2009  11:28 pm Reply

    What a beautifully serendipitous marriage of the two images, now yoked because they "belong together."

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