|  February 20, 2006

While painting tonight I learned some valuable lessons:

1. I feel alive when I am painting-every cell and molecule of my being is awake and engaged
2. Music is a must. must. must. must when I’m painting.
3. A rag is sometimes more useful than a brush
4. It’s ok to not always know where I’m heading…it will get there and I will know when it’s done.
5. I really enjoy painting large oils. Patience, patience
6. Timidity is not allowed on canvas.
7. mistakes are ok. That’s the only way I’ll learn.
8. go with my gut

I just finished a 24 x 24 inch mixed media oil painting that I’ve been working on for weeks it seems. “Working on” translating to “work on it. hate it. let it sit. stare at it. sit some more. hate it. work on it. like it. stare at it. let it sit. hate it. stare at it.” repeat. The whole staring at it and hating it was getting so bad that I was reluctant to pull out my oils and brushes. Procrastination at its best.

But I realized in this process that when I am not painting I am not happy. Disgruntled. Unsatisfied. Restless. Insecure. Solution=keep painting. Things will work out eventually. It’s better to be painting than to just think about it and be unhappy.

I also worked on some 4×4 inch paintings too that hopefully I’ll be listing soon.

I’ve started writing in my “real” journal every time I finish up. Making it a habit. Like part of my clean up after I’m done painting. I write about what I did, what I learned. Mistakes. Paint notes. Ideas that came to me while painting. It’s proving to be very valuable.

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