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 |  September 2, 2008

letters home
mixed media, 6×8 inches

Many many months ago I attended a free Golden lecture at Daniel Smith in Seattle. There was a drawing and I actually won a bunch of free samples of different Golden mediums and gels! Last Sunday I decided to experiement with them finally. I played around with the Clear Tar Gel. I did two panels with this gel, this is one of them. I plopped it on and then spread it around with a palette knife. Once it dried, it encased the whole collage piece in this kind of shiny plastic-ey film. I liked how the it collected in the crevices and I plan to explore a more textured piece later to see how that works with the tar gel. Unfortunately the computer screen does not depict the shiny resinous quality of the Clear Tar Gel. The other panel I worked on is not done yet, but hopefully I will get some time later today or tomorrow.

This panel will be made into a journal cover later. But I don’t know if I will be able to put it up for sale. I’ll have to think on it. The crow in the image is that crow that I’ve talked about before. The one that fell out of the tree in our backyard in Seattle before he could fly. He is perched on the fence that was right outside of our kitchen.

Letters home.


Both Shayla and Jo Horswill were so kind to give me this award! I’m a lucky gal lately with all this blog love. Thanks!

So seeing as how I linked to 13 blogs a few blog posts ago, here are some new ones to share.

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  1. by shebaduhkitty on September 6, 2008  7:00 pm Reply

    this feels like a wonderful soft memory...

  2. by mary ann on September 7, 2008  10:07 am Reply

    an exquisite dreamscape
    keep your eye on the sky. your crow may follow you.
    in the dreamworld anything is possible.

  3. by Judy Wise on September 7, 2008  12:52 pm Reply

    Oh, I love this image too. Powerful. And isn't the tar gel fun? If you put matte medium over the top it almost looks like wax.

  4. by bridgette on September 8, 2008  9:46 am Reply

    thank you sheba, ma and judy. I've been looking at the sky here and I havne't seen too many crows! Maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

    judy-thanks for the tip, I'll try that soon!

  5. by tricia on October 26, 2008  12:32 pm Reply

    thanks for linking me Bree

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