|  June 3, 2008

Longing, triptych, encaustic and mixed media
24 x 8 inches

Ok, I am finally done with this image. I swear! I’ve said that before, I know, but this time it is for real. I work an image several times, always feeling like there is more to explore, until it tells me that the exploration is over. That all those steps were to make the final piece.

I finished these three a while ago, but never posted it. But I hate posting without an image, so here it is. Posting without an image for me is like going out without brushing my hair. Which actually, I do quite often, but really shouldn’t. Posting without an image just makes me feel like I’m missing something essential. Anyway.

This afternoon during Noah’s long 2 1/2 hour nap (!), I worked on updating my encaustic page on my web site. Took me the whole nap time since I am so slow with html. But it felt good to look and see all my recent work finally up there.

After the move and life settles in, I am going to reorganize the site. Too many paintings up there. A lot of old works too. Thinking about organizing by…series, year….not sure yet. I’ve been looking at a lot of artist web sites and it seems like it’s a mix of how it’s organized. Hmmmm.

And we are also going to do a total overhaul of amanobooks.com. I am going to just concentrate on making my mixed media journals and a few of the journals in the Natural Elements series. I just don’t have the time to keep my inventory stocked and I don’t have the time or will to do things that I don’t want to do. Time is precious and I can’t waste it.

Oh my goodness, if you like spinach, try this recipe right away. Made this as a side dish for dinner and just wanted to devour it all.

Here is the recipe since the link isn’t working. From Sunset Magazine, November 2006


  1. by Stephanie Lee on June 4, 2008  3:06 am Reply

    Hi Bridgette!! I have to say that I love ALL your pieces. I have yet to see a single one that is not breathtaking. Really! This triptych is especially so....thank you for sharing it!!

    I look forward to seeing your revamped site! It's great the way it is too! :)

    Blessings to you in all your life-changing and shape-shifting. You're doing amazing work - mom-ing and wife-ing and artist-ing and human-ing. Your artwork is a reflection of your amazing spirit.


  2. by Leah on June 4, 2008  11:26 am Reply

    i couldn't open the spinach link. i'd love to see it thought.

    love the triptych!

  3. by rivergardenstudio on June 4, 2008  8:05 pm Reply

    This triptych reminds me of an old etching or an ancient landscape in Europe. I love it! Also I will try the spinach recipe. Thank you so much for visiting my site and your lovely comments. Roxanne

  4. by bridgette on June 4, 2008  11:59 pm Reply

    thanks stephanie, your words lit up my day! I sent you an email. :)

    Thanks leah. I posted the recipe for ya. try it, it's so yum.

    Hi Roxanne, thank you so much! I hope you like the spinach if you do try it out.

  5. by Dale on June 6, 2008  1:28 am Reply

    I do love the contrast in your triptych here. The black silhouette against the cloudy yellow is wonderful. I love that :)

  6. by agata on June 8, 2008  9:49 am Reply

    amazing triptych!

  7. by bridgette on June 9, 2008  12:09 am Reply

    thanks dale and agata!

  8. by Erika Tysse on June 9, 2008  2:51 am Reply

    I leave on the 14th (saturday). Let me know if youu have time for a latte!

  9. by Roxana on June 15, 2008  5:39 pm Reply

    oh this longing is fabulous! I can't stop looking at it! I'm new here, but I will come by often. and the autumn of my departure! so stunning!

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