March Madness

I’m not actually talking about basketball tournaments, but the fact that I have two events coming up that I have been preparing for. So, actually, it’s more like February Madness. Anyway, I hate when my blog falls silent for a long period of time, but every ounce of studio time has been going towards getting ready for the show that I’m doing with Crystal Neubauer at PerficalSense Studio in Evanston. We titled the exhibit “Meditations: Looking In, Reflecting Out”. The opening is the first weekend of March and I will post more information about that soon.

I have several large paintings all set to go and some in progress, well large for me-some 12x12s, 12x24s, 11x14s. But I also wanted to have a wall made of small paintings- 6×6, 5×7, and even wee itty bitty’s at 3×5. That might be overly ambitious considering how things have been going.

Alaskan Mists
encaustic collage
5×3 inches- itty bitty!

The other event that I have going on in March is my first workshop of the year, which I will be teaching at PerficalSense Studio as well. Can you tell, I just love that place! I met Cindy Jevon through FUSEDChicago and she has been so great to open up her studio and workspace to me so that I can give workshops and now hang some work on the walls.


Introduction to Encaustic and Mixed Media/Photography
PerficalSense Studio
Saturday, March 10th, 2012
12 to 4 pm
Evanston, IL

Encaustic painting is a method which uses pigments melted with beeswax and fused to the painting surface with heat. It is the perfect partner for a wide variety of mixed media techniques. This workshop will cover the basics of painting in encaustics with a focus on using your photographs in your encaustic work. Learn encaustic techniques such as fusing, layering, embedding, and image transfers. No experience necessary, only a willingness to jump in and learn about this ancient painting medium with a contemporary twist!

This is a 4 hour introductory workshop. The first 3 hours will alternate between demos and practice where we will cover materials, studio set-up, and techniques. The last hour is allotted to give time for exploration.

I also updated the workshop page on my website. I have workshops this year in Evanston, IL, La Grange, IL and in Salem, OR. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions!

Tomorrow is the big reveal at my son’s school of the portraits that the entire school did. I wasn’t able to hang his class’ paintings because it was during the time that my daughter naps, so luckily another mom volunteered to do it. So I haven’t seen them up yet! I can’t wait. I hope to take some photos and share them here. The kids all did such a great job and the portraits are so happy and energetic. Love them.


  1. How exciting! What great times you have to look forward to. I will have to try to make the trek out to Perfical Sense for your show with Crystal Neubauer. And I absolutely looooooooove the paintings at Black Cloud in the previous post. They seem a little different for you.

  2. Thanks, I hope you can make it! But understand that it is a trek. I made those paintings for the Somerset Workshop articles and wanted to create something a little different-a little brighter, some urban grunge.

  3. Ohhh encaustic painting…sigh…there’s just something special about that art medium, isn’t there? Your painting is beautiful, poetic, like a letter. What is the writing underneath the wax?

  4. Hi Susanna, yes, I agree- I really love working with encaustic. Helps me create what I envision. The writing is actually from a scrap piece of paper I had in my studio from my book making.

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