Moon and Tree At Dusk

Tree and Moon At Dusk is an oil painting by Bridgette Guerzon Mills
Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Tree and Moon At Dusk, oil, 36×24 inches

After I had made what felt like a bunch of encaustic mixed media pieces, I switched over to oil on canvas. Sometimes I just need a break – physically and mentally. And by break, I mean, just need to switch gears. I had this 36×24 inch canvas that I wanted to paint over and I had a photo of a tree silhouette and moon at dusk that I had taken years ago. I always wanted to do something with that image, so I decided that the time had come.

I really enjoyed working on this. I love having it up on my wall because of the bright pop of color. A bright pop of color, but it’s still feels like a moody piece.

After I finished this piece I went through my image files looking for more inspiration to paint and I kept finding so many photos through the years of tree tops with the moon above. Made me laugh. I love trees and I love the moon. Makes sense. Maybe there will be more treetops and moon paintings popping up here.

“The Moon can only fill up once it becomes empty. And it can only shine in all its glory once it’s gone through its darkest expression. It doesn’t berate its darkness or wish for it to be any other way…” -Carl Jung

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