mother’s day

Today being my first mother’s day and per request of karen here is the most recent picture of Noah. And me, of course. It’s a bit blurry as he’s an active little guy and he is never still-especially when we want him to be!

We had an active day today celebrating. We went to a bakery to get some coffee and something to nibble on. Explored a section of our neighborhood that we had never been in. Then ventured into Kirkland to visit some artists during their artist studio walk. Had some good dinner made by my husband. And for some reason Noah was full of giggles today. He has laughed before here and there, but today was full throated laughter.

He is my joy. My Noah.

I love this quote,and even though Noah is only four months I know this moment. The moment of the bond between mother and child:

My first vivid memory is…when first I looked into her face and she looked into mine. That I do remember, and that exchanging looks I have carried with me all of my life. We recognized each other. I was her child and she was my mother.
~ Pearl S. Buck

People ask me how I like being a mother. I love it. It is hard and challenging. Especially balancing working and mothering. But I really do love being Noah’s mom. You know what I love? I love that moment when I am rocking him to sleep and his eyes are so heavy. And yet he keeps opening them and looking into my eyes, knowing that I am there, holding him. That moment is so sweet. I do countless of times every day before his naps and before putting him to sleep in his crib at night. But I will never tire of it.

He is my precious gift.


  1. i cried reading your post, happy tears, remembering Olivia as a tiny baby. i miss those days. it hurts sometimes because i miss them so. i love the times we have now of course but i treasure the baby times. bridgette, how blessed you are to realize your gift in noah. he is so precious. and so are you!

  2. what sweetness!!! there is nothing else like it, right? wrapping your arms around them and cuddling- and oh god- the smiles! make me melt. thanks for posting a photo! please give that cute little guy a hug for me 🙂

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