New Journals: There are Different Ways to Remember

I often get requests for my blank journals that I used to make full time in the studio, so I try my best to get a few done here and there and they often sell before I post. But I managed to save these two to share online. Here are two journals that I made recently.

This first journal is called “There are Different Ways to Remember”. Trees are memory holders, to me. The patina on metal is a memory holder as well. A piece of bark, a piece of old cloth, or paper can tell history as well. I pulled from all of these to create this cover. The back of the journal is covered with pieces of old cloth napkins I got from a rummage sale. I love the look of old and of handmade versus plastic and modern. It’s the stories that these items hold that I respond to.

There Are Different Ways to Remember
handbound blank journal, 168 pages
8×6 inches


This second book was inspired by a photo I took when I was plein air painting last fall and we went to a sunflower farm field and you could see the golden fields go on forever. My take on the fields on this cover is more earthy than that particular day was- bright yellow field and bright blue skies. But, I’m an earthy type and I must create what I am.

golden-fieldsGolden Fields
handbound blank journal, 192 pages
8×6 inches
$78 plus shipping and handling


Both journals are coptic bound, which is my favorite book to journal with as the book lays flat when opened. The paper is Strathmore 400 Recycled Series, 60 lb, fine tooth surface.


  1. Update: YAY! Just ordered! Happy Birthday to me! (I’m spoiling myself something fierce during this MaryJo Fisher Birthday Month!) Thanks so much, Bridgette! I will treasure it!

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