old forgotten songs

old forgotten songs
encaustic and mixed media
5×3 inches

My work has been moving in a new direction (with the bowls), but still, at times, I go back to older processes, continuous reworking of my favorite photographs. I am also still attempting to use all my supplies and odds and ends in my studio and I had a small pile of tiny ClayBord panels that I want to use. Hence, this tiny encaustic and collage piece.

I am reading Tinkers by Paul Harding right now and last night I came across this passage and knew I had to retitle this little piece.

…I would feel the actual wind start up the back of my neck and ruffle my hair and the water and the grass and spin the swallows in its choral voice stirring all of the old unnamable sorrows in our throats, where our voices caught and failed on the scales of the old forgotten songs. My father would say, The forgotten songs we never really knew, only think we remember knowing, when what we really do is understand at the same time how we have never really known them at all and how glorious they must really be….”

The article that I linked to above is very interesting, and a commentary on what we are told the market wants and doesn’t want. The writing is slow and decriptive, and I find myself having to reread certain passages. Not because it’s hard to read, those kind of books I just don’t return to. I don’t have time for laborious reading! But because it is so rich and I don’t want to miss a thing. There have been several passages that I have just made me catch my breath. Beautiful.


  1. Bridgette, Thank you for sharing this post. Your insight and visual reflection is deep and beautiful. I also read the article and am going to look up the book, Tinkers. It is just what I need today as I’m celebrating an over 50 birthday and thinking about the books in my drawer. Blessings to you!

  2. Thank you Bridgette for this post. I read the article too and now will have to go find the book. Could I suggest a book you might like? “The Piano Shop on the Left Bank”

    “old forgotten songs” is the perfect title for you tiny piece!

  3. Bridgette, whenever I stop by your blog and see your beautiful work, it always makes me cry – with happiness, to see something so perfect. I’ve been absent for a while and missed your posts (my own fault). I just hope you are all well, and flourishing. Ann.

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