On Journaling: Setting the mood

Here are some examples of journal entries I created in my journal using the newspaper photo technique mentioned in the newsletter. Adding a photograph from the newspaper or magazine or even one of your own photos can enhance your writing and create a visual interest in your journal. It also can serve to set a mood for your journal entry. This entry to the left uses a photograph of a seagull perched on a wood post on a foggy morning. I remember the morning that I saw that in the paper and it just fit my mood perfectly. Writing on top of the photo helped to integrate my journal entry with the image.
Below, I glued the newspaper photo into my journal and using a pen, just drew on top of the figure. I was feeling hopeful with a sense of purpose and wanted to convey that with an image along with my writing. Adding a visual to my journal entries helps me to tap into that other side of my brain-the one that speaks and responds to images more so than words. Sometimes there are just feelings that cannot be conveyed with words…which is probably why I am an artist.

But I also am an avid reader and writer and love words. In my mixed media paintings I often combine the two. And as you can see, I do so in my journal entries as well.

This entry is an accompaniment to the amanobooks quarterly newsletter.


  1. This is cool.

    I’ve recently started a small visual journaling group with some friends of mine (non-artists), and I’d love to share this post (and your site) with them.

  2. Hi Angela, Please do share this post with your friends. I will email you some other resources too. I’ve been meaning to email you since my last comment on your blog…but haven’t had a chance yet. But expect one from me, hopefully sooner than later!

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