open studio recap

 |  February 10, 2008

So I did my first open studio tonight and it went as expected. I did have some visitors and everyone was very nice. I even got a suggestion of a park that I should go visit in West Seattle. The man told me that from my art, he thought I would like it.

I left a little earlier than 9 pm since the building is old and my imagination starts to go a little wild if left to its own means. When I left there were two men outside the building door and I had an enlightening conversation with them. One of them is an artist who used to have a studio in my building. We talked about how active the space used to be. Apparently all the rooms had been filled with artists a few years ago. And now there are more writers, some massage therapists, an architect, a jeweler, and I’m not sure what else. All creative professions, but to have a bustling art walk location, there needs to be more visual artists. But they were very encouraging and told me that I can build it back again if I just keep showing up each month.

oil and mixed media, 4×4 inches

My evening turned out to be great though because of a visit from another Seattle artist Megan Noel. Because of her visit, I feel like the night was a success. Connecting with a kindred spirit. She also has a blog. It was so nice of her to stop by. I own a few things made by her hands as well- an ink drawing that I have framed for Noah’s room, a cuff bracelet, and a purse. I’ve always felt like her work is like visual poetry. Her textile work is just beautiful.

We brainstormed on how to bring more people to the building. There were people out on the street, but on the other side! hmmmm. So, I’ll have to think more about how to bring the life back to my building.

Now that I have done it, I know what to expect and I can plan better.

So, all in all, a good night.


  1. by Tara Finlay on February 10, 2008  6:51 pm Reply

    I am glad it went well and how exciting for Megan to stop by!

  2. by bridgette on February 12, 2008  12:49 am Reply

    thanks tara~it was really nice visiting with her.

  3. by sherijohnson (Shay) on March 13, 2008  4:48 pm Reply

    I would definitely stop in your studio to see your work...Where and when.I also have a few Megan Noel pieces.I live in Bellevue.Check out my blog:
    nice to find your lovely blog.

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