Pinyon Jay: Hidden Seeds

Pinyon Jay: Hidden Seeds

Pinyon Jay: Hidden Seeds | encaustic mixed media, 6×6 inches
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I have never seen a Pinyon Jay in real life as its territory is western United States but I would love to spot one. Love that blue. The main diet of the Pinyon Jay is the seed from the Pinyon Pine. The pine actually depends on the Pinyon Jay to disperse its seeds. One of the things I read that I found fascinating about this bird is that as it forages for the seeds, they also hide them by the thousands in caches to return to later. Their memory is such that they are able to remember where they are hidden in various locations. And not only that, they are able to communicate with their mate where the cache is. The caches are often hidden in crevices on the southern side of trees as that is the side that snow melts first. This is how they survive winter.

In my last post I wrote about learning from nature and I was thinking about what this Jay can teach me. What feeds me, what uplifts me, what sustains- these are seeds that I need to scatter around. And when I feel depleted from the barrage of bad news and bad energy, I can return to that cache and refill my energy stores.

My favorite character in the Winnie the Poo story has always been Eeyore, the gloomy cynical Donkey. I totally relate and I won’t change…but I can try to find ways to refuel and not sink into despondency. Which, actually, Eeyore is no despondent, he is just a little world weary in my opinion. But today I will think about seeds- what are my seeds and where will I store them?

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