playing with wax

 |  March 23, 2006

I printed out some of my favorite mixed media collages to the size of atc’s. Then I dipped them in wax. Here are a few hanging here:

The thing that’s neat about dipping just paper into wax is that it turns the paper translucent. On pieces that are white, it’s a really cool effect. Below you can see my hand showing through when you hold the waxed piece up to the light.

The other neat thing that I found is that when you put it up against the window it’s kind of like a stained glass piece. Ok, not really. But it’s the gist of a stained glass.


  1. by Amanda on March 25, 2006  1:33 pm Reply

    Oh cool. What kind of wax did you use? Great idea.

  2. by bridgette on March 25, 2006  2:48 pm Reply

    I have an electric skillet where I melted beeswax mixed with damar. I bought a block of it already mixed at Daniel Smith- an art supply store in Seattle. But they have an online store

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